That's what HKE on board stands for

HKE an Bord is an alliance of enterprises convinced that the Energiewende and the digitalisation of the energy market are achievable, if we all work together. We have set ourselves the goal of jointly developing interoperable, accessible and flexible solutions for applications connected to the intelligent measurement system (iMSys). 

It is clear that for such a broad-based and interdisciplinary industry, there cannot be just one solution. That’s why we rely on an open ecosystem – a partner network that enables all parties involved to contribute exactly what lies in their own strengths – and to benefit from the strengths of others.

Core Values

Only through an open and interoperable system can the solutions we need for the future of the energy market be created.
Strong partners
Our members are experts in what they do. By combining our individual strengths, we can create forward-looking solutions.
Unison between regulation and innovation
The regulation around the Smart Meter Gateway has security and interoperability as its top priorities. We want to think these values further and reconcile them with innovative ideas. In doing so, we always act in the sense of low-threshold and practical solutions.
Competence and knowledge exchange
We make the relationships in and around the intelligent metering system easy to understand and access, now and in the future.

Our framework - the three CLS system units

With the HKE, technical components such as inverters, wallboxes or submeters can use the SMGW for secure communication with the backend system.

The SME records current meter readings as well as measured values of submeters on a regular basis or if necessary, stores and sends them to authorised parties.

The control unit is used to control the supply or feed-in power of controllable systems.

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